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The Cuban Club
Tampa, Florida
Built in: 1917


As early as 1899 Cuban immigrants formed recreational societies with varying degrees of success, and in 1902 Cuban workers founded “El Circulo Cubano” which means “Circle of Cubans.”  It was a mutual aid society to “bind all Cuban residents to Tampa into a fraternal group, to offer assistance and help to the sick.”  The club provided a gathering place for members and served as a unifying force in the Cuban community.

Fire destroyed the first clubhouse in 1916, and soon afterward members initiated plans for its replacement.  The present 4-story, yellow brick building with Neoclassical design elements sits on the original site. Constructed in 1917, the building contained a two-story  theater, pharmacy, library, ballroom and Cantina.  Imported tile, stained glass windows and elaborately carved scraffito spandrells decorated the structure and The Grand Ballroom ceiling displayed elaborate murals.  It once housed a gymnasium, complete with lockers, a swimming pool, and two bowling lanes.


The building has claims of ghostly apparitions and voices. 


A truly majestic building full of old world charm and love. In 2010 we secured this location to investigate the claims of paranormal activity that exists within. We spent two nights in this location along with Fire & Ice Paranormal. I will say the place is great including the theatre area amd pool area. Unlike the Italian Club in Ybor city, this location has left sound corruption from the party areas. Ybor city is still a high crime area, so use caution and do not leave anything in your vehicle for too long under attended.

We conducted numerous sweeps of the location, and came up with mix results. Never the less it was truly one of those places you will enjoy to investigate in as a small group. 


Within our investigation, we determined that the location was indeed haunted. We did not catch any EVPS, but did see a ghostly apparition of a man in a long coat and top hat. He was seen down on the first level by the ticket booth. A ghostly child interacted with our K2 meter down at the pool area, and we also got activity in the theatre area.

It was an interesting night to say the least, however I wish we had the technology back then which we use today.  I am curious on what results we would receive. Yet unfortunately we do not repeat what we have done prior, as there are way too many locations in Florida yet to investigate, which have never been investigated. The Cuban Club is indeed a great location, one that every ghost team should visit at some time.  


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