Where do we begin to tell the tale on how such a team was founded, and why?

Perhaps in the beginning, perhaps from a dream that manifested wildly into reality. A reality so dark and twisted that it literally took us to levels of darkness and evil never before realized. A level where associates became enemies. and loyalty became a myth. Where people who you trusted where nothing more than opportunists, using each other for aspirations of fame, fortune and facade of a better life, which never manifested for some.  It has become a journey of good and bad, light and darkness, where the blade of the pendulum will strike anyone without discrimination. What you put out, you shall receive ten fold, for it is karmic law. A lessons ome will never learn.

Over the years, we have come to realize that our team is solid, and unbreakable. The bonds we share, the love we have and the light that guides us diminishes all darkness and propels us forward. We have come to trust in ourselves and to focus on our purpose. We have turned this passion and hobby into something far more, and have accomplished goals no other shall ever surpass. It is not ego that drives us but light, we are not fueled by aspirations of fame. We are fueled by the passions of research and the thrill of discovery, we are fueled by light.

Trials & Tribulations.

Founded in 2008 by George Mercado, Team Phenomenon. A professional paranormal investigative team based out of South Florida, started their journey documenting the realm of the spirit world. For more than thirteen years they traveled across Florida State and beyond in pursuit of paranormal adventure. It was these adventures that granted them exclusive access to places unimagined, to locations shrouded by mystery, history, folklore, and legend. Places that made us come face to face with our fears, as we faced forces never encountered prior.  Entities from other dimensions, from unknown planes of existence, some new and others older than the test of time from ages past. Places where no other paranormal team have ever step foot in nor ever would.

The team was relentless and driven, fueled by the thrill of the chase and the hunger for knowledge. Their members were bonded by devotion, commitment, respect, and love for one another and the job they were assigned to do. They were always been motivated and focused with one objective in mind, and that was solving the case at hand, finding answers to questions yet to be asked. However, in 2015 , the journey took a dark and twisted turn and the group disbanded for a year and half after the death of George’s mother. 

Seven Sister’s Inn

First location we ever investigated


The Show Goes On

The investigations did not stop during the team’s downtime, George continued the journey even at times alone. For you see, the paranormal was embedded within him, it was part of whom he was. His journey with the paranormal was written in stone before he was born, for it was a path that his ancestors traveled upon. For him, there was no other choice but to pursue his destiny and calling, to walk in their footsteps. For many they chose the to pursue the paranormal, for him he was chosen.

How so you may ask?   You can read more about this is  his bio article.

In 2019, the team restructured itself with its original members. They rebranded themselves as the Paranormal Bad Boys brand in order to catch up where they left off, and to finish the work they had long ago started. You see in the past they were passive and believed in the facade of paranormal unity. A facade that proved itself to be a myth, driven by those who created and fed the drama in the field.  Evil comes in many forms, and sometimes it appears as those we assumed were friends.



Working with P.R.I.S.M Paranormal Research of South Florida, and in collaboration with a crew of experienced paranormal veterans and filmmakers. Paranormal Bad Boys are here to document, film, produce and release footage/photos of their new adventures in the Florida State and abroad. This time around they will not be passive, distracted or led astray by others. This time they will focus on their goals while taking leaps and bounds forward. There is no room in the paranormal for drama, for self inflated egos or the negativity of others. There is only time for results and that is what we are focusing on.

In conclusion, all we ask is that people have an open mind. It is your prerogative, your decision to either believe our findings or not. We are not here to change your mind nor your thoughts. We are not here for the facade of fame, fortune or wealth, for we are already established team with nothing to prove.  We are here to share our experiences and our findings with the world, and to be as transparent as they can be.

No drama, no games, no stealing locations, only results! – Leading the way always!