The Paranormal Bad Boys Archive


Florida State Mental Asylum
Pembroke Pines, Florida
Built in: 1957


Built in 1957, abandoned in 1994, Florida State Mental was an epic center for mental health. People from all around to be treated at the center, little did they know that everything was so experimental back then. Unlike today, the past practices were barbaric and was applied to all even children.  The location ended closing due to over medication, mismanagement and lack of finances.


We received claims from the Law Enforcement Personnel who traied within this location of ghostly apparitions, shadows, voices and doors slamming. 


 We were called in from personnel who trained in the building. We were the first team to have ever discovered this location and/or investigated it. We spent over 2 yrs filming this location and have stacks of HD tapes of our investigations. Other teams attempted to take credit for our work, but our tapes prove otherwise.   This location was highly active with various spirits, some which followed us around, repeated what we said, and/or called our names. This truly was without a doubt the most haunted location we have ever investigated. 

The location was haunted by a ghost we called “Shadow man”, who would followed us around the facility. He was a tall man who would appear first as a shadowy mist on the floor, then manifest into a full grown man. Whereas he was a sight to behold, we had no fear of this kind spirit. He acted more like a curious guardian than a benevolent spirit of any kind. 



Hundreds of hours of documented video with EVPs, numerous personal experiences, audible voices, doors opening and closing, shadows and ghostly apparitions. This is truly the most haunted location we have ever investigated. 

This location is no longer available for investigation, the last team that was here was doing unauthorized events and the city cracked down on them. They were in the building illegally and were warned never to return. The building has been purchased for 10 million dollars and will be turned into a drug rehad facility.  Any attempt to enter the location or loiter on the property, will result in arrest by Pembroke Pines, PD who patrol it. 


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