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The Clewiston Inn
Clewiston, Florida
Built in: 1926


The Clewiston Inn was originally built along the unprotected waterfront of Lake Okeechobee in 1926 by the Clewiston Company, the community and real estate development arm of Bror Dahlberg’s Southern Sugar Company. Ownership passed to the United States Sugar Corporation in 1931 when Charles Stewart Mott formed the company and acquired the assets of the Southern Sugar Company, which went into bankruptcy in 1929. The building survived the great 1926 and 1928 hurricanes but was destroyed by a fire in 1937 and the classical revival style structure was rebuilt in 1938.



Rumor has it that numerous ghosts reside within this structure, that every floor is haunted. There are ghosts in the kitchen, first floor areas, rooms, second floor, and a rear suite on the ground level.  Whereas there is validity to this, we foound evidence against some claims.


The locaton nestled in the heart of Clewiston Florida, near Lake Okeechobee is indeed a great, large place. I am certain during its time, it was a highpoint of the town. Celebrities, Sugar company CEOs and other aristocrats visited there. However it has a dark past, as does the town. A past where secrets were dileberately hidden by corporate greed protecting their own image. I however will leave skeletons where they lie, and not awaken the past in that manner.  Needless to say the place is haunted, and things did go down there. It is stated that the hotel survived one of the worse hurricanes to hit Florida, and that Clewiston wasn’t hit bad. The truth prooves otherwise, pictures do not lie like corporations do. 


Over the years we had visited this location a few times, our findings differed in many ways as I will explain.  During one of our sleepovers, one of our team members experienced a ghostly aparition of children standing next to his bed. They had appeared to awaken him from a deep sleep, needless to say that I recall him leaving that room with a quickness.  Another investigator was pushed near a stairwell almos causing them to fall.

I will say we had a ton of personal experiences over the years, but no video evidence. What little EVPS we did have were lost in a harddrive crash. All that remains are personal experiences and a few photos. Unfortunately the location did not inspire us enough to return to capture new evidence. 


Lost in a harddrive