The haunting pages will consist of locations we have investigated, the story behind them, our experiences, along with photos, audios and video clips. This section is under construction as this site is being revamped. Please bear with us, as have 13 years of data to browse through, which is no easy task.  As we go through it all, we will create article pages for every location in the order they were investigated.

We will also include per page whatever footage and audio we have. Unfortunately, we have lost data throughout the years due to hard drive crashes, therefore is why some locations may not have all the data. Yet, we in the end will state our findings and conclusion on whether it is haunted or not.  Please understand though, that just because we may have not found activity at a certain location, that does not mean it is not haunted. It just means that we personally had found zero evidence at the time we investigated it.  Some locations may require a return trip if needed, others may not. 

We are not about locking down paranormal locations, there are far too many places to visit.  Nor are we about events, conferences or paranormal classes, as they distract from our goal.  We are about research and getting things done, not about popularity or praise, as we are already established and have no need to prove ourselves to anyone.

In the end our accomplishments, reputation and location portfolio speaks volumes and that is what matters.