The Paranormal Bad Boys Archive


The Stranahan House
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Built in: 1901


Stranahan House is the home of Fort Lauderdale pioneers Frank and Ivy Stranahan. Built in 1901 as a trading post and converted into a residence for the Stranahans in 1906, the house is the oldest surviving structure in Broward County. It was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1974 and today operates as a historic house museum. Frank Stranaham committed suicide in the back of his home during the great depression. It is rumored that him, his brother and Ivy still haunt this location.


It is rumored that Frank, his wife and brother still haunt this location. Claims of ghostly figures, eerie sounds and voices and even people being pushed.  How could we not investigate this location and see for ourselves. 


The home is a very quaint small home filled with energy.  You can feel it when you walk in through the doors. This location screams of history, of tragedy, of a time long gone.  Its decor takes yu back to those times, from the photos to the furniture. A simpler life hauntedd by the great depression, and death.  I will say it is perhaps one of the most active locations we have ever experienced. It began when we started running wires for CCTV cameras.

We did not even begin investigating, when we heard voices near the steps to the attic and within the attic itself. As we stood on the first floor landing, I needed a roll of blue tape to secure wires to the wood floors. Remembering I left the rolls of tape upstairs, I asked someone to throw down me a roll. Within a few seconds a roll was voilently tossed down at us. However there was no one upstairs, this was the first of many expereriences at this location.


Oh boy, where do I begin?

Personal experiences were up there, as we were told to watch our steps on the narrow attic stairs by a ghost.  We even heard a loud “F**K” at the attic entrance from Frank’s brother, who is known to be an angered spirit.  The heaviness in the air, the feeling of being watched by someone who did not want us there. One of our team members, Carlos Frazier was slapped violently as he slept in the backseat of one of the vehicles we came in. Bob & George experienced ghostly voices in Ivy’s room and the familiar cold spots.

The night was very active, so active that it was surely was one of our favorite locations to have ever visited.  Now that I look back at the photos. watch the videos and recall the memories. It surely was a moment in time, that we will never forget. 


Video files coming soon