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The Clewiston Inn
Clewiston, Florida
Built in: 1926


The Cassadaga hotel is considered to be one of the best kept secrets of haunted Florida. The magnificent hotel that currently stands in Cassadaga Florida was constructed in the year of 1928. Prior to this, another building stood in its place that was constructed in the latter part of the 1800s. Unfortunately, a fire destroyed the original building in the year of 1926.


The claims at this location is apparitions, voices and ghostly energy seen with the naked eye.


When we first entered this location in 2010, it was truly a simpler time. Now the location has change dramatically, the lower seance room is no longer there for it has been replaced with a bar. The small restaurant within “Lost in time” has been transformed into “Sinatra restaurant. A complete makeover was done there and the place is extremely busy with people until 2 am. You can forget that midnight hour investigation, as employees will hang out until 3-4 am.  Perhaps this is great for business, but sadly it lost that quaint small town feel. 

It surely is no longer what it was, the energy upstairs is like a roller coaster. They adorned all the hallways with mirrors to refract light, but I believe it also create a vortex of portals.  I recall a time when you can stay there, and by 8 pm you could investigate, as the guests turned in for the night. That has long changed, especially on the weekends. 


Since our first visit in Cassadaga until our current one in 2021, the location has always yieled both personal experiences and Electronic voice phenomenons. We have experienced apparitions of children, to a grown man with a beard and a few women. We have heard the voices via our recorders and something with our own naked ear. We have seen an orb the size of a basketball leave a second floor window, and float down toward the earth only to fly off and dissapear.  The location is indeed very active by spirits from the past and those who may wander through the many portals that exists there.

Nestled within the spiritual camp, Cassadaga is a small unincorporated community located in Volusia County, Florida, United States, just north of Deltona. The camp is a place for psychics, mediums, intuitives and spirits. Those who wander here from afar or locally, the location is a revolving door for people living or dead.  Especially for those who want communication with the dead, whether it be from wandering ghosts or their loved ones.  It is sure a place to visit, just be warned that you will not find 5 star lodging here. The hotel is rustic, old, yet quaint. There is no TV, radios and Wifi is minimal, unless you are in the lobby. 


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